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In misery and pain I cannot live any longer,

Alas, my love for her gets stronger and stronger,

My heart with feelings agreed to comply,

That is why I believe in this lie!


I am not insane, I can understand,

To win her not a single chance I stand,

With every odd against me I continue to fight,

But time came to do what is right!


A new heart I decided to forge,

To save myself from her scourge,

To forget about her at last,

To leave her in my worthless past!


I melted the iron and turned it to steel,

I did not want anything to feel.

I added silver and gold,

To make my new heart icy cold!


When my mission was finally complete,

Time came to stop my old heart’s beat,

I ripped it out, threw it away,

And changed it to my own creation,

Alas, it perished in front of her face,

It could not stand her blinding grace!


No matter what I do, no matter where I go,

I never forget her blue eyes’ glow,

For her I am ready all my wealth of a cliff to throw,

Though about this cursed poet she will never know!

A failed attemt to forge a new heart... A small change made
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October 22, 2012
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